Barbara Leechworth
Name Barbara Leechworth
Age 47
From U.S.(Boston)
Hair Grey
Work Blackwater Industries GC.
Likes Restaurant, luxury bar, combat.
Dislikes Exhibits
This backwards dump is the most depressing place I have ever stayed in.

Barbara is a motivated sour person who is Blackwater's vice president; her paycheck is her important need. She and Venus are rivals and cannot stand each other.

Report Edit

Psychiatrist's report: Miss Leechworth is intelligent, self-motivating and loyal. A big asset to the company, she is highly motivated by money and should be paid accordingly.
Venus small
Venus' description: Barbara is the corps VP of internal affairs. She has a sharp tongue and padded shoulders and I wouldn't trust her with my toothbrush.

Skills Edit

  • Pharmaceutical Extraction
  • Scavenging
  • Laser
  • Power
  • Oxygen
  • Medi Prep.