Bhoomi Sharma
Name Bhoomi Sharma
Age 61
From India
Hair Grey
Work Blackwater Industries GC.
Likes Relaxing pod, golf
Dislikes Combat
I remember when my eldest got married, he looked so lovely in his suit. Did I show you the picture?

Bhoomi is an elderly lady from India. She loves life but that doesn't keep her on her feet for too long. Bhoomi will seek transcendence in sleep. She starts with good friendship with most characters.

Report Edit

Psychiatrist's report: The mother figure of the base, larger than life, Bhoomi is a spiritual healer and when her children all grew up she was drawn to the base by a need to help others. Her energy levels are low now however and she does like her home comforts.
Venus small
Venus' description: Bhoomi is kind and loved by all in the base. Well, with a couple of unpleasant exceptions.

Skills Edit

  • Power
  • Oxygen
  • Medi Prep
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance