The Bridge is the primary control centre for your colony. This room will be pre-built before you land on the new planet, along with a warehouse. The bridge provides the base necessities to keep it functional - power, oxygen and medi prep. Colonists must be trained in these skills in order to work the consoles and additional facilities, such as the oxygen plant, must be built in order for the respective consoles to be of any use.

Medi Prep Desk Edit

The medi prep desk requires the medi prep skill in order for a colonist to operate it. Medi prep is a rare skill for a colonist to have and it may be necessary to train new colonists to also have this skill. It is the left most console and will only be manned by an operative (while the other two consoles may be manned constantly). Using it will prep the medi bays that you have in your base, one at a time. A timer will appear over the current medi bay being prepared. Once that timer has reached zero the medi bay is functional and ready for use. The operative will then prepare the next medi bay if there is one, or leave the console. If you have pharmaceuticals in your warehouse, a warehouse droid will deliver them automatically to each medi bay - no additional training or input is required of your colonist.

Skilled Colonists Edit

Power Desk Edit

The power desk is the central console and can only be used by a colonist with the power skill. While manned the console will communicate with your respective power-providing facilities - solar power plants, iridium power plants or lava power plants - to generate power for the base. The status of the energy level can be seen above the console as a yellow bar. Once that bar falls to its absolute minimum it will turn red and the base's power will turn to reserves. At this point some of the colony's facilities, such as weaponry, will cease to function. The higher demand on power that your base has, the slower the power bar will rise and the faster it will lower should the console be left unmanned for any period of time.

Skilled Colonists Edit

Oxygen Desk Edit

The oxygen desk functions similarly to the power desk. It requires a colonist skilled in oxygen to use it and communicates with your oxygen plants to provide oxygen to your colony. The blue oxygen bar above the console indicates how much oxygen is stored. Once that bar reaches the bottom, it will turn red and your colonists will begin to suffer. If left for too long without oxygen, they will die.

Skilled Colonists Edit

Cash Machine Edit

See also: Cash Machine
As well as the three main desks, the bridge also provides you with a cash machine. The cash machine fills the money need, making the colonists happier. The better their wages, the better the buff provided by this cash machine. This is not the only cash machine available to you, as you may build more of them elsewhere in your base. The desks, however, cannot.