Candy Simpson
Name Candy Simpson
Age 24
From U.S. (California)
Hair blonde
Work Blackwater Industries GC.
Likes Shopping, Restaurants, Disco
Dislikes none
Hi! I'm Candy... 24... female *giggle*... Like... I've never been into space before, but this place is sooo cool. Hey, like... where can I get a facial around here?

Candy Simpson is 24-year-old Californian airhead. Because her life revolves around shopping, she doesn't do much, as shown by her pitiful ability chart, which only features basic cleaning abilities.

Report Edit

Psychiatrists report: When pre-assessment described Candy as bright, they were really only talking about her personality. She has little grasp of what life will be like on a space colony and even less skill to bring to it. On the other hand she does know how to shop.
Venus small
Venus' description: It's hard not to like Candy. She cheers me up. I just wish she were a little more useful around the base.

Quote: Like why is space always so black? It's kind of boring.

Skills Edit

  • Cleaning