Dean Jefferson Brown
Name Dean
Age 25
From U.S (Los Angeles).
Hair Blonde
Work Blackwater Industries GC.
Likes Sport, golf, learning
Dislikes Bar
Man this place stinks, can we at least move the trash to another room?

A basketball playing medical student from Los Angeles. He has an obsession with cleanliness, making personal hygiene very important to him.

Report Edit

Psychiatrist's report: Dean is an Intelligent and quite well balanced individual. He does seem to have a particular obsession with cleanliness however.
Venus small
Venus' description: After Dean's dad found him hanging out with the homies, he sent him straight to a private school. He still thinks he is tough, but I know better. He is also majoring in medicine, which something tells me is going to prove very useful for us up here over the coming months.

Badges Edit