Nikolai Volkov
Name Nikolai Volkov
Age 37
From Ukraine
Hair Black
Work Blackwater Industries GC.
Likes Learning, Gambling, Observatory
Dislikes Shopping
This is Volkov. It is a pleasure to be here. I have a few suggestions to make.

Nikolai Volkov is a Ukrainian scientist. He has a positive can-do attitude and learns very quickly.

Report Edit

Psychiatrist's report: Volkov is a highly intelligent individual, who will be invaluable to whatever colony he is sent to. My only reservations about him are issues of long-term mental stablility.
Venus small
Venus' description: A bit of a rocket scientist, no I mean that literally. He's a bit bouncy if you know what I mean, but for most part he is an asset to the colony. Someone did recently call him, "an emotional retard who gets on my nerves", but Tami tends to say that of a lot of people.

Quote: Don't get me wrong, I like you. I just wouldn't want to see you working with subatomatic particles.

Skills Edit

  • Pharmaceuticals ★★
  • Scavenging ★
  • Electronics ★★
  • Cybernetics ★
  • Bio Research ★★
  • Power ★
  • Oxygen ★