Skills Badges certify that a colonist has been trained in a certain skill. A basic badge allows a colonist to work within a specific field, such as the Mining Badge, but each badge can also be levelled up with further training to make that colonist more proficient within that area (up to a maximum of four stars). In order to train in a new badge, or level up an existing skill badge, a colonist must either study in the Library or use the Training Pod. Some colonists will learn much faster than others. The Training Pod, however, allows for a much faster rate of learning for any colonist but usually comes at an immense cost. Training functions just like a work shift, meaning a colonist will be unavailable for work duties while they're studying. Each mission, however, only allows for a certain number of training sessions overall, which means you have to carefully consider who to train up and in what skill. Certain missions will require a specific character to be trained in a specific skill as an objective of that mission. New skills will, however, be carried over to subsequent missions and planets.

List of Badges Edit