Name Slim
Age 15
From U.S (New York)
Hair Unknow under the hood
Work Blackwater Industries GC.
Likes Disco, thrills, jacuzzi
Dislikes Golf
She sucks, he sucks, you suck. I suck. Everyone sucks!

Slim is a mopey, thrill-seeking, sleep-obsessed 15-year-old skater punk who was abandoned by his parents for being annoying.

Report Edit

Psychiatrist's report: This teenage adolescent appears to be under the illusion that he is a black rap artist or something similar, and he gibbered on in unintelligible slang for most of the interview.
Venus small
Venus' description: Brim full of attitude. But in space Slim, your parents cant hear you whine. Which is precisely why on a recent tourist visit to a company colony they left without you.

Badges Edit